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Take care of hands that knit.

Knitting is a great stress reliever.  It’s mentally relaxing and soothing to create knitted fabric one stitch at a time.  Here are a few hints to keep the repetitive motions of knitting from becoming physically stressful.

Adjust Knitting Stitch Tension

There are generally two types of knitters, those who knit loosely, and those who pull stitches so tightly around the needles that every stitch becomes a struggle.  Knitting loosely helps reduce hand cramps and makes textured stitches easier to make.  Sometimes that may mean working with smaller needles to get the required gauge for a pattern.  Whatever tension you are comfortable with, keep it consistent for even stitches.

Plan Chores Around Knitting

Shoulders, arms, and hands all need periodic breaks.  Set a realistic goal for knitting up to an hour, and then go load the dishwasher, then come back to knitting, then maybe some laundry.   It can all get done with a minimum of pain.

Choosing Knitting Needles

Knitting puts weight at the ends of straight needles.  That weight causes strain on hands and wrists while knitting.  Knitting flat on round knitting needles shifts the weight to the center, and reduces strain.

Avoid cramps by periodically stretching and flexing and keep on knitting!